National Standards sub Committee (NSsC)

The NSsC is the independent committee responsible for making recommendations to OISCC on changes to the National Standard and matters related to the interpretation of that standard and receives “Application to Alter the National Standard”,  reviews the information and make recommendations to OISCC for decision.

NSsC Committee Members are individuals, acting independent of any organisation.  

The Committee may also recommend to OISCC changes to the Terms of Reference, membership or procedures. The Committee may consult with industry, including the Department of Agriculture approved certifying organisations, to provide additional expertise or information.

The NSsC meets four times per year.

The 2021 NSsC meeting dates are: Jan, April, July, and Oct.

2021 Submission dates for applications are Jan 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1

Applications are welcome at any time about any section of the National Standards.