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Application to amend National Standard

The NSsC meets quarterly. Any section of the National Standard is open for review. Applications are welcome to be submitted by the 1st day of the following months; January, April, July and October.

To make an application

Please address your application to: Attention: Secretariat National Standard Sub Committee c/o DoAWR GPO Box 858 CANBERRA ACT 2601 or fax: +61 2 6272 4389, email:

Applicant details

DD slash MM slash YYYY

Important Information

In order for the NSsC to make informed decisions on any application presented to them, they will consult with industry by seeking industry experience in regards to the application content. IT IS THEREFORE ESSENTIAL THAT ANY COMMERCIAL-IN-CONFIDENCE INFORMATION SUBMITTED AS PART OF AN APPLICATION, BE CLEARLY MARKED AS SUCH. Where this is indicated, such information will remain with the NSsC, and not be released for industry consultation. In all other respects an- Application to change the National Standard will be considered as part of the public domain.

Application procedure

1) Application received; documented and checked. All relevant information has been submitted. 2) Secretariat notifies applicant of receipt of submission. 3) Papers sent to NSsC and meeting arranged to review application.

Decision making process

1) Product and/or procedure accepted by International or overseas country regulations >If yes, Investigate further* >If no, does the product and/or procedure meet organic principles and practices. > If yes, Investigate further* >If no, reject application.

Note: *investigate further

1) Where the application is for a product/ substance the criteria listed/ outlined in Appendix IV is used as basis for decision making. 2) Where an application is for a management practise, both the general principles and fundamental principles for organic/ biodynamic are used as a basis for decision making. 3) The NSsC decide to accept or reject an application based on the above decision making process. Note- The committee may request further information or clarification from the applicant during the decision making process. Where this occurs, the applicant has 4 weeks in which to respond to the additional request(s). Failure to respond within this timeframe will result in the application being deemed withdrawn and no longer considered. 4) OISCC (administrator of the National Standard) is notified of the NSsC decision, and asked to accept the recommendation made by the NSsC. 5) OISCC makes the final decision regarding changes to the National Standard and advises the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DoAWR). DoAWR will review and if approved, upload the new version of the National Standards to the DoAWR website. 6) Applicant is notified of final decision.
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