Previous submissions 

The National Standard sub-Committee (NSsC) has previously reviewed the following applications:

Submission 2021.04.30.01​ – Request to alter NS Appendix F Waxing of citrus fruits

“Change proposed to conditions stipulated regarding waxing of citrus fruits.
Public comments close on 14th August 2021

Submission 2021.04.11.01​ – Request to alter Livestock Breeds and Breeding NS 1.15 & 1.15.1

“Change proposed to Livestock breeding in regard to semen sexing in dairy cattle.
Public comments close on 14th August 2021

Submission 2021.04.01.01​ – Request to alter Bee Products NS 1.23.3

“Decrease the distance from five kilometres to three kilometres that hives must be from any prohibited substances.
Public comments close on 14th August 2021

Submission 2020.10.01.01 – Pain relief –  Section 1.18.4

Replace the word “anaesthetics” with the term “Pain relief”

Submission 2020.05.12.01 – Container Growing – Derogation to 1.8.1

“Where an operator can demonstrate to the approved certifying organisation that use of containers for crop production is the only method to remedy or ameliorate an otherwise intractable disease problem, the operator must seek written approval from the approved certifying organisation.”
“Soil – a complex medium consisting of firstly material of geological origin ( sand, silt and/or clay); secondly material of carboniferous origin ( derived from decomposition of life forms); and thirdly a diverse biota (earthworms, protozoa, fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes)”

Submission 2019.07.08.01

Insert Wine requirements into the National Standard (Download)

Public Comment Phase closed 20th November 2019.

Submission 2018.08.20.01

Amend the wording in Section 1.16.7 to add a footnote on page 25 that states that the exception for synthetic methionine will expire on July 1, 2024.   The Poultry Guidance document will also expire at this sunset date because it will no longer be relevant. (Download)

Submission 2018.03.02.01

Add the word “synthetic” in front of amino acid isolates and methionine in Guidance Document Poultry 1.1 and National Standard 1.16.7 and 1.17.7.   (Download)

Public comments for the above closed on May 30th 2019

 Completed submissions

The National Standards Sub Committee has completed discussion on the following submissions:

  • Use of compost in Mushroom Production – Accepted
  • Review of GMO Contamination Procedures – Rejected
  • Review of honey and drought provisions conversion times packaging – Rejected
  • Review of GMO Conversion Periods – Rejected
  • Removal of Rotenone for plant products – Accepted
  • Add Sodium Hydroxide as a pH adjuster under the cosmetic section 3.1 Accepted 
  • Insert Sodium Metabisulphite (223) for use in Cider Production in Appendix I Table A8. Rejected
  • Wild caught Tuna. Rejected